Drenge | Preview


Somewhere, right now, there are two brothers exiled to the Peak District, going on country walks and reading copious amounts. You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you this pairing form the moments most dangerous band. Drenge.

Capable of delivering coursing amounts of all crooning, all dirt, straight-up riffed to the hills rock. This Castleton duo will be heading out on a belated headline tour in support of the debut album ‘Drenge’ next month. Emerging from a 2013 of innumerable accolades, they stride forth into the New Year with the confidence and learnings of conditioned professionals, but brush off any hype like two blokes simply out for a laugh.

We caught up with drummer Rory for next months issue of Bristol Live, and he’s even hinted at road-testing some new tunes. One to be excited about. Pfft, that’s an understatement.

Have some quintessential Drenge with ‘Backwaters’: