24th January | Exchange

If you haven’t already indulged, take a listen to Manchester six-piece, DUDS’ Demos etc. that they shared on Bandcamp back in October. Following the release of their first record for Castle Face back in September, Of Nature or Degree, it’s particularly interesting to discover just how these demos act as evidence of the fundamental immediacy Duds possessed from the very off. You can sense the freedom and looseness with which they compose, which is even more impressive due to the sharp and openly inquisitive nature of their music. These are the sorts of feelings evoked upon seeing DUDS live, something raw and unforgiving, yet mentally disentangling.

The band are joined on Wednesday at The Exchange by two of Bristol’s more noisy, experimental and downright interesting propositions. Repo-Man‘s intense and purposeful dosage is in no way limited to its apparent post-punk influence; one listen to their album Minesweeping and you can hear their echoes reverberating through Bristol’s darkened basements and dimly-lit venues that make the city so esoteric. It’s brittle, unforgiving and delightfully compelling. The Jelas, meanwhile, are almost an enigma; you don’t know what direction they are going to head next with their bright, incisive form of melodic off-kilter noise. It will be intriguing to see how they adapt their style into a live atmosphere; the consistently-evolving nature of their sound could be even more invigorating within such a setting.

The acclaim that met DUDS’ Of A Nature or Degree last year was heavily enhanced by the band through their live shows. Their rise in popularity within this field of UK music can only perhaps be usurped by IDLES at this point, and there’s no doubt that their Bristol show comes with great anticipation.

See DUDS’ video for ‘The Nose/Keine’ here: