DZ Deathrays | Preview


Most people will remember DZ Deathrays as two Jaeger guzzling Australians and well, they’d be right. Since those days though, there’s been a ferocious second album ‘Black Rat’ which steps away from the screaming debut into a more layered production — and we ruddy love it.

That’s not to say the party thrash roots are absent on the new record, ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ comes with all that vibrancy and attitude. Although you could argue it’s the bands live show in which they really compel an audience. The limitations of being two-piece force them into a wild mess of pedals, distortion and snarly vocals; an output both bewildering and joyous to watch.

After recently stopping off at Trinity on the road with Blood Red Shoes, the duo will pass by The Louisiana (24th) on their own headline tour for some mid-week chaos. Our advice, remember earplugs.

Check out ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ right here: