Eagulls | Preview


With the release of their infamously sardonic open letter addressed “TO ALL BEACH BANDS SUCKING EACH OTHERS DICKS AND RUBBING THE PRESS’ CLITS” and the raucous urgency of their DIY punk, Eagulls have introduced themselves to the music scene in tornado of venom, anger and fuzzy guitar, and are destined to arrive of at Bristol’s Louisiana on 28th February, as a part of their UK tour.

Eagulls’ music perfectly embodies the archetypal punk slacker aesthetic, as well as simultaneously delivering a sense of vitality that makes their music energising and exciting, as can be heard in ‘Nerve Endings’ and ‘Fifteen’.  Critics of Eagulls will probably condemn them for lack of originality, but in this age of commercial supremacy, their low-fi sound and approach (they recorded their album on cassette and sold it for next to nothing) still remains refreshing.

The band’s charging bass, relentless drumming and gruff, insistent vocals create a sonic quality intended to be experienced live – and with their scrappy punk leanings, their show will definitely be one to remember.

See their tour poster for full live dates and check out ‘Nerve Endings’ here: