Easy Life // Live Review & Photoset

3rd April | Thekla

Photos: Lorenzo Ottone

Now if I’m being honest, Easy Life and I didn’t get off to the best start at their gig. It was mostly down to their entrance (and the fact the gig didn’t start ’til 9.30pm yet the doors opened at 7) which emulated the achievements of 90s boyband, The Backstreet Boys. To this you could add in their dramatic lighting, a pointlessly long build-up, a band member coupling for a hype man and a bolshie entrance, where they did an awful lot of high-fiving. I had a premonition they’d be boisterous but this was another level.

There was a strange anecdote about a white cap. And. So. Much. Jumping. Into the crowd, out of the crowd, around the very tiny stage; it was a lot to take in. But despite my personal reservations, the crowd at the front (the steely students who could hack standing at the barrier for over two hours) lapped it up, even chanting the infamous “oggy oggy oggy, oi oi oi” mantra. Perhaps I’m just unused to the self-assured boyband vibe where swearing at the crowd is cool or perhaps this just the norm for bands in 2019? Who knows.

However, I can’t fault them too much, because although it was an unpolished performance, everyone left with a smile on their face. Their youth and excitement radiated, and it was their brass skills that drew hesitant crowd members like me back in. Lead singer, Murray whipped out the trumpet throughout the set playing it impeccably and saxophonist, bassist and singer, Sam is astonishingly talented. Switching between singing and playing bass, he’d pick up that huge saxophone and play smooth, soul-warming jazz tunes.

And it’s the incorporation of jazz that sets this band apart from the notoriously bad boybands of days gone by. Hits like ‘Pockets’ and ‘Temporary Love’ went down a storm and their entrance was soon forgotten when they closed the night beautifully with my personal favourite, ‘Nightmares.’

Overall? Promising. As they progress on their tour, I think Easy Life will refine their sound and settle into themselves and their fans. For a band that only formed in 2017, they’ve done notably well, so the imperfections of the night are forgiven. They’ve already announced their second UK tour and will be back in Bristol playing at SWX in October. Let’s hope time will make the dramatics fade and allow their pure talent to shine through.

See Easy Life perform ‘Pockets’ in session here: