3rd April | Thekla

Five-piece band, Easy Life were first introduced to me by my friend Dave. Having worked with hundreds of musicians, managing, touring, filming – you name it he’s done it – discovering emerging talent is less of a job for him and more of a sixth sense. If he tells you a band is going to be big, they’re going to be big and they’re going to be good. As per usual he was right and since their first 2017 release, ‘Pockets, the band have continued to grow, embarking on their first ever UK tour.

Easy Life are like a trippy, indie mash-up of Rex Orange County’s voice, Bad Sounds’ lyrical cheekiness, SuperFood’s funk and Beirut’s brass ensemble. As a darn millennial myself, I’d describe their music as ‘of the time.’ Modern and fresh, Easy Life’s singles, ‘Temporary Love’, ‘Nightmares’ and ‘Frank infuse punk with funk and jazz.

It’s the kind of music that cool, rollie-smoking alt-kids are listening to while they’re searching for their next pair of vintage Adidas trainers. Not that there’s anything wrong with this of course. Easy Life and their fans are unapologetically themselves, living for music which represents and reflects the fashion and feeling of 2019.

And in our grand old city of Bristol, that’s bound to go down well. As diverse as it’s contemporary, this city holds the exact crowd that will welcome Easy Life’s boisterous, playful sound with open arms. And if not? Well, we’ll just blame Dave and continue on our trainer hunt.

See the video for ‘Nightmares’ here: