Estrons // Live Review & Photoset

8th November | Louisiana

Photos: Naomi Williams

Lining the downstairs walls of The Louisiana are posters from the past. From a three-pound Muse gig to Florence and the Machine, the roster of now global stars that have toured as then emerging bands illustrates the significant weight The Louisana hold in the city’s music scene. It has a glowing sense of pride that represents the passion of both staff and punters alike.

As Bristol’s own Loralie opened the evening, they championed with beautifully captivating material that swung from contemporary alt-rock to grunge twangs, reminiscent of the early 90s. The set was an ideal opener, moving on to the touring support of Lucia, as the Glaswegian four-piece charmed with their freshest EP, Cheap Talk.

With the show being a sell-out, there was no room for movement as the tribal drums of ‘Lilac’ began the main event. Deserving of the applause surrounding their debut, You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough that was released in October, their work is equally as impactful in a live setting. To label Estrons as indie-rock or grunge would just be too easy. As ‘Make a Man’ opened up the floor, they ripped apart stereotypes that might hook them to genres as they demonstrated that they’re truly their own beast.

What was so apparent is how succinctly tight Estrons were. From the juddering bass to intense progressions on guitar, all elements were highlighted by Täli Källström’s powerful leadership. Enraged, fierce and at times empowered, what makes Källström utterly mesmerising to watch is her conviction to each subject. Whether it was the howling authority garnered during ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ or the brutish grit of ‘Jade’, the continual force was sufficient to blow out an arena, let alone an intimate show.

Amongst the madness, a pivotal point of the evening was the addition of ‘Cameras’. Dedicated to Källström’s son, the sentimentality was overpowering. The moving performance sealed how cleverly-constructed Estrons’ songwriting strengths are, away from their heavier pieces. As the crowd tumbled around the darkness of the upstairs room, closing with ‘Drop’ left us dripping with sweat whilst creating a deafening cheer.

The lasting feeling from the gig was how wildly under-rated Estrons are. Spending an hour in their presence felt like a true musical blessing. They are surely on the cusp of something huge. Looking to the future, Estrons will make it onto The Louisiana’s wall of glory.

See the video to ‘Lilac’ here: