13th November | Thekla

It was 1am. Sweaty and reeking of beer, I made a B-line for the stage on which Ezra Collective were performing. After catching their fiery set at Love Supreme earlier this year, I’ve been itching ever since to see them perform. This five-piece of jazz pioneers have been taking the London jazz scene by storm, incorporating elements of world music and flavoursome hip-hop. Their contemporary sound is fresh and feisty. They’ve got 2 EPs under their belt, along with a die-hard following.

Their show at Thekla is sure to be a colourful trip of immense breakdowns and stabs of rich brass. Their highly anticipated second EP, released in October of last year, is a cosmic delight with even the shortest track, standing at twenty-five seconds, still packing a mighty punch. Here’s hoping they play some new material for their sell-out show at Thekla.

If you’re a fan of galvanized jazz, I highly suggest you give them a listen. Ezra Collective are forerunners for the genre and there’s good reason why – they’re sublime. I’ve been to my fair share of jazz gigs, but not one at Thekla, so I can’t wait to feel the beneath-decks jazz vibe. Fingers crossed there’s a DJ ending the night with Roy Hargrove tunes.

See Ezra Collective play a live set at Le Mellotron here: