24th May | Colston Hall

The fabulously bold American singer-songwriter, Ezra Furman will bring his raw lyrics that connect with you instantly to the main stage at Bristol’s Colston Hall this month. He may only be in his early 30s, but he’s had quite the life and he’s not at all afraid to pour his emotions out via his unique sound. His latest album, Transangelic Exodus (released February 2018) is like a novel which Ezra describes as being, “a combination of fiction and a half-true memoir.” Prepare to be mesmerised; you will find it quite the trip when you listen to what he has to say.

There always appears to be an air of excitement around Ezra’s work – having been writing songs for a good proportion of his life, he started out in a group called Ezra Furman and the Harpoons before he went solo. The first album he made on his own, called The Year of No Returning, was released in 2012 (recorded in his home attic under no label) and cemented his star quality status in the minds of some previous cynics. Now, it’s a case of watching this space – as his popularity continues to grow in many countries.

Bristol – you won’t be disappointed in what he has to offer with this latest show. He embodies the very essence of a dedicated showman.

See the video for ‘Suck The Blood From My Wound’ here: