15th August | Mothers Ruin

Laying somewhere between BC Camplight and Jack White, Bristol’s own Family Jools certainly know how to combine the flamboyant graces of classic rock with the swagger of a modern beat. With their influences firmly rooted in an idiosyncratic sense of 60s psychedelia, it’s the fuzzed-out blemishes of roaring guitar and driving organs that grip you first, only to lay down an assault upon the cochlea with the captivating drawl of a Lennon/ Dylan-inspired vocal delivery.

Having painted an impressive canvas with their last batch of blistering singles, it’s this summer’s ‘California Sun’ that truly stands out as the band’s most accomplished work to date. Its staccato jabs of guitar and bass dig their nails deep into the skin, leaving its prey unable to ignore the late Arctic Monkeys meets Black Keys howling roar of a vocal track. Family Jools land as a band that take pride in the glamour and opulence that once made rock and roll the universe’s most adored subject, truly testament to the belief that seas can part amidst a gnarly riff and a sense of hedonistic freedom. Cramming themselves into the intimate canopy of The Mothers Ruin this month, alongside Luvia, Sapphire Blues and Love Butter is sure to cause a shaking of foundations intrinsically tied to the thought that the guitar can never be killed.

See the video for ‘She’s A Mother’ here: