13th October | Crofters Rights

I’ve dabbled with punk rock in the past, my gateway being the soundtracks to the Tony Hawk games on the PS2. I wasn’t quite the die-hard Kerrang subscriber or leather jacket devotee, however I definitely went through a phase where Dropkick Murphys and Black Flag were my most played artists that year.

When I think of Dublin, I reminisce of a trip there five years ago and how much I spent on booze and Tayto Crisps. It was mostly a pilgrimage to see The Libertines. I don’t necessarily think of Dublin’s punk-rock scene, but Fangclub are giving me a reason to dust off my Less Than Jake t-shirt and revisit my relationship with punk rock. I’m surprised I’ve not heard of them sooner; they’ve toured with two bands I’ve seen previously (Twin Atlantic and Pretty Vicious) not to mention Muse and Metallica amongst those names.

The trio have been making waves with their thrasher rock tunes since hitting the scene, their DIY approach to music making the trio gain traction within the grunge/punk scene, and they were quickly picked up by Universal Music. With two albums under their belt, Fangclub’s fast-tempoed, head-banging hits will be filling out Crofters Rights on Sunday. After all, what’s more punk rock than a gig on a Sunday?

See the video for ‘Vulture Culture’ here: