Father John Misty | Photoset

30th October | Bath Forum

Thomas Edison once asserted that “restlessness and discontent are the necessities of progress.” Father John Misty recently asserted, “I once was God’s favourite customer” on the title track of his most recent album, in a song that suggests that far from feeling like the prodigal shopper right now, the store detectives have been primed to chuck him out if the merest millimetre of his beard crosses the threshold. You can’t get more restless than that. It’s not that he needs to be existentially cheesed off to make good music, as proven by¬†I Love You, Honeybear, but it sure helps if there’s a lot more bristle beyond his chin.

At least the people of Bath were pleased to see everyone’s favourite sardonic oracle and arch-jester of the Armageddon, as he packed out the Forum. It’s always a fun challenge putting together a photoset when there’s no pit, it’s an all-seated venue and the main act invites everyone to come out of their seats and assemble at the front. A significant use of the smoke machine also made him Misty by name and by nature. Our man with the camera, Jeff Oram dealt with the unusual scrum manfully to capture this photoset. Mr Tillman, if you’re reading this, please buy Jeff a pint when your paths next cross. Ta.

See the video to ‘Mr Tillman’ here: