Becoming A Real Life Writer, Online

Shakespeare-in-shadesBy Susannah Plomer @ GKBC

The creative mind is a delightful and perilous possession.  But those of you who love to make magic with words will understand the perils of a creative mind.

Well, welcome to the blogosphere, be that music related or otherwise. Thankfully the wondrousness of the World Wide Web has made it possible for everybody who uses it to share their creativity with the world. Everybody can now have a voice. Anybody can write things that people may or may not read and that, girls and boys, is an amazing thing.

If you are a writer, then I urge you to do everything in your power to write what you can, when you can, where you can. Review that book on Amazon, offer that guest post on your friend’s blog, write your own blog, jot down that poem and type that short story that’s been brewing in your mind.

Experience is vital on a writer’s CV, so as a writer it is absolutely your responsibility and DUTY to get yourself as much experience as you can. If you have a blog, keep it regularly updated. Get on Twitter and start following ‘A’ list bloggers, journalists and big wigs of the writing world. Read what they have to say, share it with others and give your own opinions on things.

You can easily start to make a name for yourself by becoming an active member of the online writing community. Join networks and forums, reblog other posts, comment on things you read and generally put yourself to good use.

Pretty soon people will start to want to read what you have to say, they will seek to pick your mighty brain and will start to value your opinion. This is how your brand as a writer will start to grow.


And what about getting assignments and having them actually published? Well, we started our writer’s academy at GKBC with no idea of how it would grow and take shape. GKBC is our creative media and publishing website through which we run the academy and we have some amazing writers and editors on board who are working hard to make this platform a really useful source of excellent content.

They are all building up an impressive online portfolio to show to prospective employers. We offer them support, training and feedback as well as publication and a quirky ninja ranking reward system (not as strange as it sounds!). With every post we publish for them, they earn ninja points and receive rewards, get given fun writing challenges and the opportunity to showcase their creative skills.We started off with a couple of volunteer bloggers and now our academy has signed up more than 50 talented writers. They receive regular guest post assignments and we get them published on lots of different blogs across the web.

In my opinion, opportunities like that are the perfect chance to get the experience you need to grow as a writer. To have a trained professional critique your work is incredibly valuable, helping you to develop your skills. To then see your work published on various blogs, being shared and commented on is quite a thrill.

Being prolific, proactive and getting experience is vital when forging a career as a creative writer. We live in a world where communication is faster than the speed of sound and light, so standing out from the crowd is important if you want to get noticed and land a job doing what you love full time.


Someone that presents a potential employer or collaborator with an impressive portfolio of online publications, showing a real understanding of content creation and how things work in the ‘real world’ will have a head start on someone just tapping in their bedroom…

Take some of my advice and you’re already half way there. Do you want to get published? Apply today.