20th October | Rough Trade

Coventry-based FEET, self-described as a bunch of ‘wrong-uns’, have certainly made some impressive ripples since their inception back in 2016. Drawing a wealth of influence from a wide range of the musical spectrum, FEET’s student roots and rambunctious energy have landed them a snowballing appeal as one of the Midlands’ most exciting live acts.

Though rowdy and rebellious on the face of things, it’s the band’s persistent homage to acts like Tame Impala and Vulfpeck that truly sets them apart from some of their less-refined peers. Not satisfied with simple musical autonomy, FEET’s passion for the video form hearkens memories of Connan Mockasin’s oddball outfit, Soft Hair, in their ability to inhabit the humorous side of the arts without detracting from their inherent artistic worth.

FEET’s affiliation with the infamous London-based Yala! Records has seen the young band’s reputation skyrocket within the indie community and allowed the quintet to broaden their fanbase exponentially, with blistering success. Critical praise has been quick to follow the release of this month’s full-length LP, What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham with praise, including the suggestion that they are a flavour of Britpop for a new generation. With FEET broadening their touring duties like never before, it would seem that they’ve become a band on the cusp of greatness. Only the crowd has the power to prove them right.

See the video for ‘Dog Walking’ here: