Photo: Jennifer Lo

If you’re not yet familiar with Bristol-based singer-songwriter Fenne Lily, it’s probably time you got acquainted. Having recently toured with Marlon Williams, performed at London Fashion Week and surpassed four million plays of ‘Top to Toe’ on Spotify, it’s fair she’s on the verge of huge success. And rightly so; among other things, there’s a certain dulcet yet raw quality to her voice that’s impossible not to be swept away by.

Fenne wrote ‘Top to Toe’ aged 15, finding emotional catharsis in “having to arrange and filter what I was feeling”. This deeply personal, organic place from which Fenne’s music stems, is communicated through a unique, arresting intimacy.

“The most surreal thing is hearing ‘Top to Toe’ by accident”

Understandably, having so many people hear a song never intended for an audience at all is a bizarre experience to process; she anecdotally mentions “the most surreal thing is hearing ‘Top to Toe’ by accident; I went into a coffee shop the other day and it was playing and I was too freaked out to buy anything”. Yet ultimately Fenne describes people connecting with her music as being “the best kind of addictive”.

In the relatively short amount of time that Fenne Lily has been in Bristol, she’s certainly become immersed in the scene, having worked with Tamu Massif on recent releases, provided guest vocals on Oliver Wilde’s latest track and hosted a residency at the Gallimaufry. It seems that being a part of this community has been beneficial for Fenne’s song-writing, affirming that “being involved in such an active, vibrant music scene has motivated me hugely. When I first moved here a year ago I instantly felt like I’d been here my whole life – it has the perfect balance of people and space.”

Her upcoming headline tour takes place across the fitting intimacy of various churches, undoubtedly set to be a spellbinding series of performances not to be missed.

Fenne Lily plays Bristol’s Lord Mayor’s Chapel on 23rd November. Check out ‘Top To Toe’ below.