Image by Nick Church

Firebird Studios have announced the return of their Firebird festival. Celebrating the second year of their studios being open, the festival is a big thank you to everyone who has helped Firebird to run.

Taking place July 10th, Firebird have put together a fantastic line up of Bristol and South West based acts to keep you entertained. With all kinds of genres being represented by bands like Why We Love and Downard, Firebird say that the festival is the perfect place to to showcase “the breadth of artists that use the studios and the diversity of music you can find in this city.”

If you want to take a little break though, Firebird have also got a massage room with Simon from Natural Restorative Therapies. Chuck in a music taster lesson from Saturday Music Club and a guitar demo room from Lindo guitars and looks like the festival should be something pretty special.

Check out some more info here and listen to Why We Love below