Benjamin Spike Saunders is worried that his only fan is his Nan. ‘Long Friend’, his new single that we have the pleasure of showing you for the first time, will most probably change that.

The song is charming, delicate and beautifully written, a wonderfully open and honest lament about the devastating hopelessness of being in love with a long-term friend. Benjamin’s vocals barely raises above a whisper, his cracking voice weaving a heartbreaking picture, describing the minute details that feel so massive in a confession of this magnitude.

The video is just as captivating, the heartbreaking story of Reece the Racoon being played out over a dinner with Amy the Badger, his one true love. It’s warm, lo-fi feel, captures Reece’s nervous little smile, as a series of vignettes describe his ongoing – and ultimately doomed – infatuation with Amy.

Show Benjamin that his Nan isn’t his only fan on Facebook, and watch the video for ‘Long friend’ below.