Did someone say 2020 was a bit rubbish? They’ve probably got a point, but in every dark time, there will always be people who offer shards of bright light. Bristol label Saffron have done just that in welcoming back Elsa Hewitt to their label for their first release of 2020, with a rich and mesmeric remix of ‘Vee’ by Bristol’s Beula

By now, you’ve surely had enough inspiration on social media from people recreating the atmosphere of pubs and restaurants in their own homes. Once you’ve listened to this one approximately 1.6 times, you’ll already be planning lighting arrangement and setlist for your in-house kitchen DJ set this Friday night. Elsa’s treatment of Vee swirls just enough to get you moving with restless co-ordination and then glides across your hypnotised consciousness with a steady, euphoric 115bpm house jam. Beula’s vocal is looped and twisted throughout the track, just below the surface, an ethereal yet powerful presence.

Listen to the remix of ‘Vee’ here:

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Featured Image by Ashley Reynolds.