Having hosted line-ups featuring the likes of Giant Swan, BRUCE and Kayla Painter, to mention but a few, at their greatly popular Dialogue nights, experimental electronic duo Body Clocks have already well established themselves as both curators and purveyors of constantly innovative and exciting sounds. Ahead of their next residency night in the depths of Take 5 café Body Clocks are releasing their third single, also entitled ‘Dialogue’, which sees them further expand their compelling and ambient sonic landscapes.

An expansive and immersive track that weaves pulsing beats through soaring melodies and moments of sparse, ethereality, ‘Dialogue’ further confirms the duo’s ever growing reputation for crafting a captivating and rich blend of infectious rhythms and atmospheric instrumentation.

With their next club night boasting an inimitable array of artists including Siren DJ Re:ni, minimal techno artist Eksish and connoisseur of warped dronescapes Aja, alongside a set from Body Clocks themselves, it’s sure to be a mesmeric evening of noise within the intimacy of Take 5’s basement.

Check out ‘Dialogue’ below and head here for more info on the 1st Birthday Dialogue event.