Photo by Rowan Allen

Bursting onto the scene, tambourine in hand, with their debut EP ‘Brand New Bathroom’, London five-piece The Dolce Vita charmed us this year with their vibrant combination of psychedelia, 60’s pop and carefree tales of partying.

Rounding off their fantastic year, the band have decided to gift us one last single. Last week we heard that track, their ode to the walk of shame ‘What Would Your Mother Say’, and today we’re pleased to share the b-side with you, ‘Education Trip’.

The most chilled song the band have recorded so far, ‘Education Trip’ is a constantly shifting, blissed piece of psychedelic pop. The languid bassline follows singer Chris Jones’s hazy vocal line, whilst the guitars drip like honey, slowly spreading out, filling your whole head. It’s both a mix of the old and new, coming off like The Brian Jonestown Massacre but if they just chilled out for once and took life in their stride.

Guitarist Michael Dent said about the track: “It’s basically about the clichéd idea of going on holiday, and it was written in the summer as an escape from work and all the other things you don’t want be doing on a nice sunny day!”

You can get hold of the track, plus the a-side and one of the band’s new t-shirts here, via Major Leagues.