Artists from far and wide often adopt Bristol as home and, unsurprisingly, the good citizens of Bristol duly embrace them in return. Welsh hip-hop pop poet, Human Head (known to his mam as Joshua Jones) has brought us strains of his native Llanelli, strained through a colander of Southampton dwelling, and we are all the better for it.

His debut EP Sorry, I Wasn’t Listening will be released on 13th December via Beth Shalom Records. Worry not, though: you don’t have to wait that long to hear ‘Room To Haunt’, the second single from his EP via the same label that brought you BiS earwormy favourites, Rosehip Teahouse. Not long at all in fact. It’s just down below. You knew that.

Other than when you had to (because you were a child), have you ever had to live with your parents? Jones has. The struggle to adapt to living back with his parents in Llanelli, South Wales, after living away from home in Southampton fuels ‘Room To Haunt’: “It’s about feeling in limbo, and taking it out on the people who love you the most.” 

Across all five EP tracks, Jones shirks no difficult topics, with identity, alcohol abuse, and mental health very much in focus. Chuck in some monumental self-doubt and crippling anxiety after graduating from university, whilst seeing no clear road ahead, and you’re still only partly there. Human Head captures the contemporary inner monologue. It’s like he can see inside the human head. Or something like that.

Listen to ‘Room To Haunt’ here: