Bristol duo INDIGOs didn’t just stumble upon the fuzzy, chaotic sound of ‘Breathe In’.

“After scrapping entire setlists and countless re-recordings, we have finally landed upon a song that we are happy to share,” the band explain of their debut single. “We feel it is a good starting point to expand from.”

And what a starting point it is. ‘Breathe In’ – which we’ve been given the honour of premiering – mixes hypnotically intertwining vocals with crunching, punching guitars. The constantly pummelling drums give an immediacy to the track, but during the chorus that all melts away, descending into a syrupy, hazy puddle of over lapping harmonies and haywire guitars.

The band got help from IDLES’ guitarist Lee Kiernan with the recordings, helping to bring out the brilliant, visceral guitar work. “He believed in us from the start when pretty much no one else did,” the band add.

INDIGOs are due to release a video for the track in the upcoming weeks, but until then be blown away by ‘Breathe In’ below: