Photo by Edd Hughes

A few months ago Bristol two-piece INDIGOs blew us away with their dreamy, often abrasive take on grunge, but already the pair have pivoted to something else entirely.

The aptly named ‘Rebirth’ takes more from shoegaze than grunge, its overwhelming guitars laying over the crashing drums and the duo’s dreamy harmonies. Despite the denser direction, the duo still give the song a punch and the switches to hypnotising moments of bliss only adds to the weight of the guitars when they wash back over.

“The song began as a noise jam,” explained Jack (Croft, vocals and guitar). “Whilst messing around with feedback, Sophia ( Barnes, vocals and bass) started rhythmically scratching the strings. I intuitively played the chords over the top and it felt fresh, we felt reborn.”

Like on their previous single, the pair were helped out by IDLES guitarist Lee Kiernan, who has been helping with tones, song structures, and everything pre-production.

The band are planning on returning to the studio next year as well as playing some more shows. You can pre-save the song on Spotify here.