Ever since it came out a few weeks ago, we have not been able to stop listening to ‘Loserville’, the beautiful new single from Bristol’s Jamie Cruickshank. It’s gentle guitar strums and soaring violin wrap around Jamie’s soft vocals, as he sighs “on a losing streak”. It’s a hypnotically melancholy piece of folk.

Jamie carries these themes into the brilliant video for the track. Tiny nuisance after tiny nuisance blights even the most simple tasks for poor Jamie, each adding up to what looks like one of the most irritating days ever. He says that the video is ‘a humorous take on my experience of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how everyday annoyances knock you for six’, and is directed by Felix Drake (The Naturals).

Jamie is currently on tour in Europe with Lucy Dacus, and you can read a review of the Bristol leg here.