Photo by Carolin Weinkopf

Bristol’s Jamie Cruickshank seems to have an uncanny ability to strip away your layers as a listener, with his sparse yet emotive songs hitting at your core and letting you wistfully drift off into a simpler, sepia-tinged time.

‘New Shoes’, his third single, captures this perfectly. Its warm tape-hum couples with lightly picked guitar, whilst Jamie’s fragile, country-infused voice putting an arm around your shoulder and lets you slip into a day dream. A cathartic release of fuzzed guitar, then wraps around you as Jamie sings: “Let’s make a family, with family priorities, I need new shoes, these are worn through.”

The accompanying video brilliantly plays on the subject of the song, as Jamie explains: “In my second year of uni I moved in with my friend, and we were both very messed up (we are now married). It was then that I wrote and recorded this song, looking forward to a time when things would be simpler and we could start a family.”

“The music video, compiled by myself and Lily with the help of our friends and family, is a
split-screen compilation of VHS recordings of us both as babies, then teenagers, through to

Jamie has a debut EP ‘Worn Through’ coming out soon, so keep your eyes out for that.