There’s a bubbling underground-pop scene in Bristol at the moment. Centred around promoter Spinny Nights, and with one of our favourites Park Motive leading the way, La-Z-Eye looks to be the next act to grab our hearts.

New single ‘Since It All Fell Apart’ has a smooth 80’s muzak feel, with sharp electronic drums and a hypnotic keyboard simmering below the crooned vocals. Driven forward by a perpetually dancing bassline, the track reaches a climax with thudding kick drum hits before crashing back into it razor sharp chorus.

You can catch La-Z-Eye live tonight, at The Love Inn for Spinny Nights 9, where La-Z-Eye will be launching ‘Since It All Fell Apart’ alongside the equally brilliant Lynks Afrikka. Online tickets have now sold out, but there are a limited number on the doors, which open at 8:30pm.