Photo by Aidan Stojsavljevic

We’re pleased to present with you the dark, menacing debut single from Lunarcy, a Bristol-based band who mesh together chaotic noise with jazz intricacies.

The band’s eclectic blend of sounds – that pitches them somewhere between King Krule and Wire – are shrouded in reverb for the entirety of ‘Lunarcy’, with the band expertly switching between the tense verses into a lighter, more wistful chorus.

Lunarcy say that the track was written about being in an isolated state and the futile attempts to get out of it. You can sense the frustration dripping off every lyric, but there’s a hope lingering just below the surface of the scratchy, wiry guitars.

Introduced to the city opening the first Spinny Nights, Lunarcy have gone on to support acts such as Bull, Chest Pains and Treeboy & Arc, so keep your eyes peeled for more from them in the future.