We’re pleased to release onto you today Bristol’s best new fragrance, the creature known as Lynks Afrikka.

Lynks has spent the last year or so building a cult following with its riotous live act, full of tongue-in-cheek songs that combine spoken word, rap, drag, electro and a whole host of other components. Lynks’ summer also saw it sell-out Off the Cuff in London and guest in queer cabarets Pollyanna, Shoot Your Shot and The Rabbit Hole at Edinburgh fringe.

Pulsating, dark industrial pop is the throbbing backbone of the track, with Lynks’ scatter-gun lyrics wittily cascading over the top. The ever-present bass underpins the track, whilst a sighing Lynks lists all the small aggravations that have made its day shit.

Its a track that somehow turns the mundane into the mystic, its juddering, unnerving musical backdrop at odds with Lynks’ lyrics.

Watch the video below, and make sure you catch Lynks live, before Lynks catches you…