If you aren’t already a follower of The Church of Lynks Afrikka, then let this be your initiation.

Since the release of their debut single ‘Don’t Take It Personal’ last autumn, Lynks Afrikka has very much become an even more vital and charismatic sonic provocateur within Bristol’s ever-burgeoning music scene. The multi-faceted, creative alias and project of Elliot Brett, Lynks Afrikka offers a delightfully sacrilegious doctrine by way of frenetic dance beats and astute, witty lyrics delivered with infectious exuberance.

And now, we have the pleasure of sharing Lynks Afrikka’s second release ‘Str8 Acting’ with you. The first release on Spinny Nights‘ label, the track sees Lynks confront the ‘masc4masc’ ideal within queer culture with pertinent empowerment. A heady, raucous mix of erratic, pulsating club beats, samples from “real clubgoers”, and Lynks’ distinctive, urgent vocals ‘Str8 Acting’ is undeniably anthemic, and a playfully perceptive critique of queer culture’s idolisation of “straightness”.

To celebrate the release, Lynks Afrikka will be playing a headline show at The Windmill in Brixton on 20th June.