Poisonous Birds’ ‘Big Water’ EP is one of the most astonishing and rewarding releases to have come out of Bristol this year; full of lush textures, intense drums and enveloping sounds, the songs shows a band creating a wholly original sound.

The duo have quickly followed this up with ‘Dirty Water’ – a collection of new cuts and remixes intended as a companion piece to the first EP.

‘Schwer II’ builds on ‘Schwer’ from ‘Big Water’ EP, its pulsating synths and delicate drumming carrying the constantly morphing instrumental. Poisonous Birds have been kind enough to let us share with you the head-blending video for the track, directed by Mike Abbott.

You can catch the band at Thekla’s CargoHold stage at Harbourside Festival this Saturday (21st July) at 5:30pm, and we’d 100% recommend you do so.

Tom Ridley, (singer/guitars/synths) said: “This is going to be a really special show. We were deliberately, obnoxiously present last year and demanded attention. Now we want to make hometown shows bigger, more unique, more special, less frequent.”