Post Yoga makes music that sounds like if a cheap Casio keyboard gained sentience, and on new single ‘Boy Doesn’t Eat Right’, that Casio keyboard sounds unnervingly like it wants to break free of its plastic confines.

Post Yoga is the new project from Bristol’s Chris Barrett – whose other acts Pictures of Belgrade and Something Anorak have been Bristol In Stereo favourites for a long time. ‘Boy Doesn’t Eat right’ is the second single from his upcoming album Caught, which is being released via Bowl Cut Records on 2nd November.

‘Boy Doesn’t Eat Right’ is a glitching, unsettling number, with the keyboards sounds chaotically driving the song forward. Chris’ vocals are fuzzed-out yet urgent, whilst the utterly brilliant yet hugely weird video by Ben Sargent turns the lo-fi keyboard anxiety into reality.

Watch below, and pre-order yourself a copy of Caught here.