We needed something special as the first premiere on the new look Bristol In Stereo, and thanks to Bristol’s Radiators, we most definitely have got one.

A fuzzing scuzzy piece of garage-rock, ‘Hell’s Itch’ is the first track off the band’s new EP ‘Clampit Classics’, which the ever-brilliant Breakfast Records is releasing on 26th October. The track veers from full throttle riffing to washing psychedelia in seconds, like Black Lips at their most potent. It’s a little lo-fi slice of fun.

“The song is about avoiding the sun all my life and finding myself on a mandatory beach trip in Spain,” explained Kane Eagle, singer and guitarist.

“After much hesitation I finally made it into the sea and didn’t leave for hours out of fear of being covered in wet sand. Inevitably I got severe sunburn.”

“I woke up at 4am the next morning with my skin crawling and spent the rest of the holiday lathering myself with aloe vera, which only served to enhance an allergic reaction to the burn itself.

“I didn’t come up with the name ‘Hell’s Itch’ – I was diagnosed with it. It’s actually called hell’s itch.”

Help Kane get over his itch by pre-ordering yourself a copy of the band’s new EP from Breakfast Records.