Over the past year or so of their existence, SANS have firmly made their mark within Bristol’s ever-burgeoning noise and post-punk scenes, and rightly so. The trio’s propensity for crafting furious, razor-sharp noise-rock makes for an immediate and heady live experience and has seen them play shows with the likes of Spectres, Meat Wave, and USA Nails. And now SANS’ first single proper is here, offering up some five minutes of crashing and strident noise.

The single comes ahead of their upcoming debut record Misophonic Songs and adeptly embodies exactly what makes SANS so impressive live. The track, ‘Ode To Marilyn…’, oscillates between surging flurries of frenzied distorted guitars and abrupt, staccato notes that increasingly build an air of unhinged unease. An impression which is augmented by the urgent, harsh vocals that pierce through with fierce intensity.

If you’re yet to catch them in the flesh, SANS’ next outing will be at The Lanes as part of a line-up that also features MXLX, ANTA and dälek, one not to miss. For now, have a listen to the track right here: