Pic by Simon Holliday

Slonk, has been a project that has, slowly but surely, seeped into our ears. Started a few years ago as the solo outlet for Joe Sherrin of Milo’s Planes and Let’s Kill Janice (as well as many others), the project has grown from the soft and charming acoustic sounds of the ‘Pots and Pans’ EP, to the mix of lo-fi garage, midwestern emo and heart-wrenchingly honest lyrics that typified the tracks on his debut album Songs About Tanks.

Slonk is now gearing up for a new EP, ‘Losing My Mind On The Outside Of Everything’, out on the 1st December (and available to pre-order here, and we are please to share with you the second single, ‘Carousel’.

The song starts off quietly, but slowly builds, with Slonk’s voice becoming more and more overcome with emotion. Meant as a letter to a potential future self, ‘one where I’ve presumed I’ll grow old in an job I loathe and just accept that it’s all I’ll be’, the track tries to explains to this future-Slonk why he just quit his job.

I quit to try out happiness, happiness sounds nice” he reasons, before the soft refrain “Old and dizzy from clinging to a carousel” sees the song’s twinkling guitars out. It’s a short burst of honesty and beauty that all of those who have had to work mind numbing jobs will relate to.

Along with the EP, Slonk is also going on a joint solo tour with Kate Stapley in Early December. Her new EP will be out in February, released by the brilliant Breakfast Records. Check out the tour dates below:

If you want to read more about Slonk, you can check him out in the What’s New? section of this month’s magazine here.