Slonk is an artist often featured on our website, because  A) he’s great and B) because he puts music out at a frankly ridiculous rate.

He’s now back again with this new split EP with Flat Rufus – who is not only in Slonk’s other band Milo’s Planes, but also his brother. It’s out this Friday, but you can listen to it before then here.

The EP features two songs from each artists. Slonk’s contribution shows two different sides to the artist. The first is a twinkling piece of soft guitar pop, with the open, honest vocals that made his previous album Losing My Mind On The Outside of Everything so brilliant. The second track is like nothing we’ve heard from Slonk before. Its dark, dub and trip-hop infused beginnings are unnerving, but the song slowly blossoms out, crescendoing in a wave of noise. Slonk’s songs also both feature contributions from Kate Stapley and Kane Eagle of Radiators on vocals, and Zander Sharp on violin and Phil Collings of The Gin Birkins on piano.

Flat Rufus by contrast is far more laid back on first track ‘Follow Please’, his vocals wrapped in a haze, whilst echoing, psychedelic guitars swirl around. ‘Pixels’ is also a soft, shifting number, Flat Rufus switching between a smooth murmur and more energetic yelp.

The EP is serving as a teaser for both artists up coming new albums – Flat Rufus’ Canton and Slonk’s Everything Falls Into Place– and Slonk will be playing his first live show of the year at The Old Book Shop on 24th March.

Take a listen to the whole EP below: