Created by a member of Bristol Live Magazine favourites Let’s Kill Janice a few years ago, The Ornsteins is a project that has quickly won our hearts since its inception. Creator Joe Groves’ mix of honest, touching lyricism and guitar-based yet experimental sounds have set The Ornsteins apart. Unfortunately, we’ve heard little recorded output from the project so far, so to be able to get the first play on new track ‘For Hendo’ is a real pleasure.
A ‘platonic love song about the importance of having people around you who can pull you out of a quagmire of shit with the golden combination of open ears and a loving hug’, the track is a beautifully celestial two minutes, with twinkling guitar being the only instrument to join the looping, layered vocals. It’s heartfelt, open and touching, and displays why The Ornsteins is such a special project.
Joe explained what the track is about: ‘Last year I was going through a difficult time and one of my marvellous and amazing friends (metaphorically) held my hand through the entire thing and put up with an astounding amount of my insane bullshit and ranting so I wrote this primarily as a way to say thank you for everything she had done for me, but also to give her something to listen to when she felt down herself, thus attempting to return a small degree of the comfort that she had granted me when I had needed it the most.’


You can catch The Ornsteins at these dates
20th June – Bristol @ Old England w/ Chuman and Ketibu
22nd June – London @ DIY Space w/ Fresh, Langkamer and Blackaby
23rd June – Brighton @ The Pipeline w/ Beachtape, Nicholson Heal and Frank & Beans
21st July – Inglefest
17th August – Bristol @ Crofters Rights – Bitter Gills Single Launch w/ Twin, Kate Stapley and Pictures of Belgrade