For the last two or so years of their existence, Yama Warashi have been one of Bristol’s most intriguing bands. The group’s blend of dreamy sound is inspired by Japanese dance music, but it’s primal rhythms and choppy guitars blend in influences from jazz, African music, and everything in between.

The group have shared this beautiful live version of ‘Funa Uta’, off their 2016 album Moon Egg which was recorded at Music Ape studios. The song’s hypnotic beginnings evoke the slow swelling of the tide, with Yoshino Shigihara’s vocals, softly laying themselves other the bubbling rhythms. It inflates almost to breaking point, with the erratic guitar stabs and jazz-inspired saxophone runs climaxing just before it feels like the whole thing will fall apart.

This is the first of three live videos that the band are planning on releasing and they have also said that there is a new album in the works for later this year, called Boiled Moon.