The first thing that grabs you on first listen of Zander Sharp‘s new single ‘Settlements’ is the soaring, delicate violin strokes that dance into ear shot immediately. It’s not often a song’s main instrument is the humble violin, but it’s not often that you hear an artist able to twist seemingly disparate sounds into such a brilliantly cohesive piece.

‘Settlements’ gives us a taste of Zander Sharp, a small insight into where this project could be heading. Underneath Zander’s husky, understated vocal, quietly ticking percussion give it a wholly modern feel, whilst simultaneously sounding like the inside of a grandfather clock. It’s this balance of old and new – like when that warm violin warps and wobbles under electronic manipulation – that makes ‘Settlements’ such an intriguing listen.

Zander is currently touring around the UK with Limpet Space Race, and will play The Louisiana’s basement on 24th August, so go see him do his thing.