RozelleĀ have been one of Bristol’s most intriguing bands for a few years now, and we have the privilege of sharing their newest track ‘I Wanna See, I Wanna Know’, with you.

The track is off a new live EP the band are releasing in April, and the track, along with previous single ‘Dig Your Heels In’, capture not just the band’s live energy, but also their intricacies.

Opening with a four-part gang vocal, ‘I Wanna See, I Wanna Know’ makes clear that it’s power is found in balancing grit and beauty. The guitars are crunchy and full in the chorus, but are balanced out by echo-drenched sections of calm, whilst the vocals from Hayley Smith tip between light and soft and biting. The track’s constantly shifting dynamics also keeps it punchy, keeping you on your toes at all times.

It’s a song that feels intimate and stadium-sized at the same time, and will swirl around your head for hours.

The live EP is not the only release the band have in the pipeline. Before its release in April, Rozelle plan to put out a full studio EP in March, so make sure you don’t miss either.

Listen to ‘I Wanna See, I Wanna Know’ below