The John E Vistic Rock N Roll Soundsystem air a special live performance of forthcoming single, ‘Psycho Death Kult (Hunter Gatherer)’, here on Bristol in Stereo.

Filmed at Factory Studios, it sees the five-piece perfectly distill the raw energy of their live show into four minutes of distressed, brooding krautrock. Possessing the rock’n’roll energy that we’ve come to expect from the Bristol mainstay, ‘Psycho Death Kult’ sees Vistic unhinged and punked-up, lashing out against an unrecognisable world.

The new material points to “those paltry and facile attempts at meaning in the post-postmodern decay of contemporary culture,” say Vistic, “in which all attempt at Enlightenment has been abandoned. ‘Psycho Death Kult’ is an ironic gesture towards the assumed power of self-meaning in mere feeling, which reaches its zenith in the grossly pseudo individuated teenage campus killers of the USA.”

Shot by Blacklight Productions [In Stereo Sessions] and mixed by Dom Mitchison [ISS, Malthouse, Spectres], a second semi-studio version of the song is due out soon – and will appear on the forthcoming album, The Moronic Inferno.

Next live date: 20th Dec, Golden Lion (with Joe T Johnson of Hush Mozey).

Watch the video here: