Bristol-based Many Monika produces brooding, alt-punk that when teamed together with a wondrous falsetto turns into the kind of track you just can’t turn away from. Depicting tales of never quite feeling like part of the crowd, Many Monika is an artist that, despite societal anxieties, embraces everything that she is. And we could all do with a little more empowerment in our lives.

Sean Warman is an uncompromising new talent that breathes new life into an often oversaturated genre; ‘You Can’t Hide Who You Are’ is an unexpected marvel that is just the beginning of an invigorating discovery. As part of Bristol’s best queer collective THORNY, Many Monika will be performing at the THORNY showcase tomorrow with Great White Males, Alexandre Simões and Ms Midas also performing.

Check out ‘You Can’t Hide Who You Are’ below and grab a last minute ticket to THORNY here. You can buy a physical copy of ‘You Can’t Hide Who You Are’ at Many Monika’s bandcamp page.