When you write down on paper what SCALPING do, it doesn’t seem to make sense. They’re a four-piece band that weave throbbing techno basslines, tribal drums and feedback laden guitars together. But not only does this combination work, it works extraordinary well.

‘Conduit’ is the first we’ve heard of the Bristol band on record, and it pulsates, writhes and builds, mesmerising you in with its intensity. It’s a confident and fully-formed effort, and its genre-melting experimentalism reminds one of fellow Bristolians Giant Swan.

Just as mind-blowing is the accompanying video, directed by James Hankins. In it you see the band playing whilst a mesmerising, shifting backdrop ebbs and flows along with the song. These visuals have been specially created by Jason Baker, whose clients include Phaeleh, Kayla Painter and Black Butter Records, and are a constant part of the band’s immersive live experience.

The group aim to add to their one live outing, which saw them support NAKED at Start The Bus, soon and by the end of the video you’ll be dying to be absorbed into their world.

Watch the video below: