Some Bodies just want to get out the office. The brand spanking new Bristol five-piece have slipped this corporate hostage video into our hands and we thought it best to show you as well.

‘Escape’ is one of two tracks the band are releasing today – less than a week after making their live debut supporting Champagne Superchillin’ at The Crofters Rights. The track blends fuzzing Ty Segall guitars with a wistful glance back to pop music past, with the crooning vocals and shimmering keys lifted straight from a jukebox from a 50’s diner.

This dreamy reimagining of guitar-pop perfectly lends itself to ‘Escape”s yearning to break away from everyday mundanity. The other track the band are releasing today, ‘Tired All The Time’ strolls down the same nostalgic path, yet manages to keep the sound fresh.

The band haven’t got any other shows announced yet, but keep your eyes open, because there is certainly more to come.