The Travis Waltons make cathartic pop-punk. In their melodies, there’s a solidarity of lost love and the difficulties of finding your way but through their contagious chorus-work, they’re a band who make it feel like everything will be okay in the end.

The Bristol-based band already have two albums under their belt – with one 2014 single featuring non-other than Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame – and we’re chuffed to premiere the video for their brand new single ‘Bright Eyes’.

Directed by Selina Yip, the visual sees the band in some pretty surreal surroundings but ultimately sums up everything that we love about them – never taking themselves too seriously. Plus, anything that features a cute-as-heck dog gets our vote.

Doggos aside, ‘Bright Eyes’ shows an evolution within the band’s output that maintains their care-free, fun approach but with a more mature construction. An ever-building crescendo towards the end of this banger marks the band’s ability to craft – as our good friends Sum 41 would say – all killer, no filler.

Check out ‘Bright Eyes’ below.