Photo & Video: Paul Samuel White

After ten years with Bristol stars Zun Zun Egui, Yoshino Shigihara is crafting out her own space with latest project Yama Warashi. Releasing Moon Egg last month, the album is a testament in Shigihara’s ability to produce a certain kind of a magic through traditional Japanese instrumentation and gorgeous, unwavering song structures.

‘Tangled Roots’ is taken from the record and showcases a flittering, otherworldly piece in which the Yama Warashi project comes into full fruition. Sparse percussion and warrior-like rhythms push an uncompromising force as Shigihara’s ethereal vocals provide a welcome break in the every day.

Directed by THORNY affiliated photographer and videographer Paul Samuel White, the visuals capture Yama Warashi’s enchanting musicality that will undoubtedly take over the world come 2017.

Check out the video for ‘Tangled Roots’ below.