The first load of releases for this year’s Cassette Store Day have been announced. Taking place on 8th October, this is the event’s third year, and looks to be the best one yet.

Big hitters Pixies and Courtney Barnett will have special releases available for the day, along with releases Bristol’s Let’s Kill Janice. Fake Laugh, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Honey Moon will also be committing material to tape.

Cassette Store Day helps bring together a community of tape lovers, small labels and breaking bands into a truly unique day that celebrates the format.

Co-founder Jen Long of Kissability, who’ll be releasing Courtney Barnett’s debut album on the format for the first time, said, “Every year around spring the emails and questions begin – will there be another Cassette Store Day? When will it happen? Can I put out a tape? For a supposedly dying format there’s still so much love and life for those little bits of plastic. I know come October there’ll be another special release list and days of celebration planned around the world. Vive le cassette! (as our partners in France might say).”

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements over the course of the month, and look at the full list here.