Bristol three-piece Family Jools are back with more of their special own brand of self-dubbed ‘jangly pop’ in new single ‘She’s a Mother’.

The band have dropped a few attention-grabbing singles now and all dip their toes into 60’s nostalgia whilst keeping an eye firmly on the present. Luckily, ‘She’s a Mother’ is no different.

‘She’s a Mother”s buzzing guitars mix with whirring organs, whilst soft backing vocals drift in and out, helping the track to build and build towards a tension releasing guitar solo. It’s a blend of smart pop sensibilities, with Northern Soul’s heart plus a little mod swagger.

The track’s sepia tinge is reflected in its video. Filmed around Brixton Market, director Paul Brooking said it aimed to “capture a sixties feel and to weave a story around the intriguing character of the song.”

The band expanded on the meaning of the song itself, adding: “I knew a girl and met her family and found she was exactly the same as her sister and her brother. Same face, same aura. I know that family look like each other of course, but in this case it was a special kind of similarity. Almost like the same person repeated.”

Watch the video below:

You can catch the band in Bristol on 9th March at the Mothers Ruin or 23rd May at the Exchange.