20th February | SWX

At the beginning of this year, FKJ released a personal paragraph about how 2018 had been unkind to him. With this sharing, the musician emphasised how playing music is the ultimate force which relives his feeling of isolation. Selling out all his European dates, FKJ’s penultimate tour date at SWX comes with a heightened sense of dedication.

FKJ possesses a musicianship that boasts a complex understanding of composition. His 2017 debut album, French Kiwi Juice garnered the French-based artist a following which spans from dance fans through to jazz purists. This musician-come-producer is an experimentalist who has been applauded for his ability to intertwine a myriad of instruments, further illustrated by house beats. His work oozes smooth styles that make for a relaxing listen, all the while keeping you hypnotised with his fusion of hip-hop and soul.

With such an expansive repertoire, FKJ produces a live experience which is fully immersive. It’s becoming quickly known that his passion alone is a spectacle, as he jumps from instrument to synth whilst welcoming the audience to join in with a jam. With mesmerising visuals to match, his solo shows lend themselves to an atmosphere in which you can be swept up in his world of exploration.

This evening of low-fi beats is one you’re lucky to have bagged tickets for. With FKJ’s rapid rising showing no sign of slowing down, this gig will be a truly special one to remember.

See FKJ playing live in Paris here: