11th April | Thekla

Don’t be alarmed if your computer/mobile started buzzing when you clicked the link to this article. Everything is buzzing about Fontaines D.C. these days.

Pretty much every music magazine on the planet has picked up this Irish post-punk outfit as one to watch in 2019. This show at Thekla sold out in double-quick time. Hell, their next visit to Bristol, at SWX in November, is already well on the way to selling out. All this, on the strength of a few EPs. Listening to those EPs, though, it is very easy to see why people are so excited about them.

Musically, their sound is incredibly creative, pulling many interesting sounds out of the guitar, beautifully layered over an energetic rhythm section. Lyrically, they are clever and incisive, befitting a band that bonded at university over a shared passion for poetry as well as rock music. Those lyrics are delivered in a beautiful, calm, almost spoken manner by vocalist Grian Chatten, unmistakably Irish. Everything about the songs so far has been pure artistry: intoxicating and enthralling all at once.

Their debut album, Dogrel, comes out the day after the Thekla show. The lucky ones who have tickets for the gig are going to get a sneak preview of what is sure to be one of the albums of the year.

Your computer may not be about to blow up, but this band surely is.

See the video for ‘Big’ here: