2nd August | Golden Lion

Bristol has recently built quite a name for punk music, strongly influencing many indie newcomers. The latest in this string of homegrown talents are Football FC who are in the city for a headline show at everyone’s favourite boozer-cum-venue The Golden Lion. If you didn’t see them at the Dot To Dot Festival, then Friday offers another chance to join the team.

Despite their recent formation, Football FC have already blessed us with two wild singles: ‘No Lover Like a Luger’ and over six-minute long ‘Apartment’. Football FC bring together punk’s DIY ethics and post-punk’s outspoken anger in what they call ‘post-rock’. Distorted, gritty and vaguely jangly guitars provide the background to anthemic lyrics you’ll soon sing along to, bare-chested, pint-in-hand just like an 80s football hooligan.

Like fellow sportsmen Sports Team, Football FC deliver thrilling, energetic, sweat-drenched live shows which the band compares to being involved in a car crash, but ‘not in a bad way’. Don’t let August’s asphyxiating temperatures draw you back from experiencing the chaotic beauty of Bristol’s latest next big thing; tell your mates and tag along.

Listen to ‘No Lover Like A Luger’ here: